Having spent almost a decade working under the Golden Arches, I thought I knew a fair bit about burgers and fries… How wrong I was! 

I recently met the founders of Honest Burgers Ltd Tom and Phil at their Liverpool Restaurant. Following a chat in the pub one evening, these two friends made a decision to invest their savings into a marquee in Brighton from which they decided to sell top quality burgers and fries – a decision which has led to them operating 36 sites around the country just 8 years later. 

The guys talked us through their partnerships, with Liverpool suppliers such as Three Graces Gin, Black Lodge Brewery and Hafla Hafla bringing a local twist to their regionalised menu. Tom took us through their approach to meat sourcing, explaining their decision to open their own butchers, cut their beef rather than grind it for a better texture and mouth feel, and talking us through their decision to serve burgers medium rare. Phil educated us on potatoes, explaining everything from the seasonal varieties and sugar content to hand cutting and frying times, all of which resulted in their rosemary-seasoned chips being described by Jay Rayner as “edible crystal meth”. 

No doubt these guys have the passion, dedication and enthusiasm to ensure they create the perfect product every single time, and we’re looking forward to seeing their business grow.